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Tuesday June 27

Gene Munster Predicts Apple Will Eventually Earn More From...

Despite selling for $159, considerably less than the Apple Watch at between $269 and $1,499, longtime Apple analyst turned venture capitalist Gene Munster believes AirPods will be "bigger than the Apple Watch" over the next decade.

Munster predicts that AirPods will contribute "about the same amount of revenue" to Apple's pocket as the Apple Watch by the company's 2022 fiscal year. He also predicts that AirPods will have an average price of $200 by then, as the product shifts towards what he calls "augmented audio."AirPods: Bigger Than Apple Watch. Over the next 10 years, we anticipate that AirPods will be bigger than the Apple Watch as the product evolves from simple wireless headphones to a wearable, augmented audio device. While both AirPods and Apple Watch should continue to grow, we see AirPods contributing about the same amount of revenue as Apple Watch by FY22. We...

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Greenpeace Combats Planned Obsolescence in New Repairabili...

A new campaign by Greenpeace today has rated the repairability of six Apple devices against the smartphone, tablet, and laptop market at large, the purpose of which is to highlight planned obsolescence in the technology industry. Greenpeace partnered with iFixit to assess over forty different devices that debuted between 2015 and 2017, with iFixit's teardown repairability scores serving as the basis for the data.

Apple's products looked at in the campaign included the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, 9.7-inch iPad Pro, iPad (fifth generation), 13-inch MacBook Pro, and 12-inch MacBook (refreshed in 2017). All products were rated in the following categories: battery replaceability, display replaceability, no special tools needed, and spare parts available.

Scoring worst on the list were the two MacBooks, which each got a 1/10, and the two iPads didn't fare much better,...

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Apple Granted a Patent Relating to Sleep Onset Latency

Back in February 2014 Apple hired sleep research expert Roy J.E.M. Raymann from Phillips for their iWatch team. Before joining Apple, Raymann served as a senior scientist at Philips Research working as a lead on various sleep related research projects. He founded the Philips Sleep Experience Laboratory, a non-clinical sleep research facility, and also led projects researching various aspects of sleep and activity monitoring. Today Apple was granted a patent titled "Adjusting alarms based on sleep onset latency," where Roy Raymann is listed as the leading inventor.

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Apple Granted 52 Patents Today Covering a 3D Display, Ligh...

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office officially published a series of 52 newly granted patents for Apple Inc. today. One of the more interesting patents issued to Apple today covers a future 3D display (9,690,110). Apple acquired this patent from an inventor who worked at Holoplex, a pioneer in virtual reality headsets and experiences. The 3D display may therefore relate to a future Apple headset.

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Monday June 26

Apple Begins Selling Refurbished Apple Pencil for $85

Apple today began selling a certified refurbished Apple Pencil for $85 on its online store in the United States. A brand new Apple Pencil costs $99 in the country, so purchasing a refurbished model yields a savings of $14. The deal does not yet appear to be available in any other regions.

A refurbished Apple Pencil isn't brand new, but Apple says it undergoes a thorough cleaning process and inspection to ensure it meets Apple's quality standards, including full functionality testing. It's then repackaged in a new box with a Lightning adapter, an extra tip, and the appropriate documentation.

Apple Pencil is a stylus designed specifically to work with iPad Pro, giving artists a tool with a level of precision far beyond that of a finger.

Designed to mimic the feel and sensation of using a...

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The Cisco-Apple Partnership to introduce the most Advanced...

In August 2015 Patently Apple posted a report titled "Apple and Cisco Partnership Designed to Optimize Cisco Networks for iOS Devices and Apps." It was a major deal with Apple pushing further into the enterprise after striking a deal with IBM for MobileFirst a year earlier. Two weeks ago in an interview with Businessweek, Cook said that he thought the enterprise market is "like the mother of all opportunities. Today we're learning that Apple and Cisco are expanding on their partnership to help businesses with security on iDevices in the enterprise and ...

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Apple may have acquired a Company Specializing in Eye Trac...

One of Apple's first patent applications for advanced eye and head tracking began in 2008, the year after the iPhone came to market. They were granted that patent last summer. Today we learn that Apple may have acquired an established company specializing in eye tracking technology and glasses for Augmented Reality and more

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Apple Denies Bloomberg's Report about a Partnership w...

Earlier this month Patently Apple posted a report titled "Apple's CEO Confirms Project Titan is the 'Mother of all AI Projects' Focused on Self-Driving Vehicles." This afternoon Bloomberg report that Apple was partnering with Hertz. However, Apple was quick to squash the rumor.

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Apple Releases First Public Beta of iOS 11 to Public Beta...

Apple today released the first public beta of iOS 11 to its public beta testing group, allowing non-developers to download and test the update ahead of its fall release. iOS 11 has been available for developers since June 5, and the first public beta corresponds with the second developer beta.

Beta testers who have signed up for Apple's beta testing program will receive the iOS 11 beta update over-the-air after installing the proper certificate on an iOS device.

Those who want to join the beta testing program can sign up on Apple's beta testing website, which gives users access to iOS, macOS, and tvOS betas. Before installing a beta, make sure to create a full encrypted iTunes backup and be sure to install it on a secondary device because beta software is not stable and can include...

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Apple Acquires German Eye Tracking Firm SensoMotoric Instr...

Apple has almost certainly acquired German computer vision company SensoMotoric Instruments, a provider of eye tracking glasses and systems, based on evidence compiled by MacRumors.

On May 2, Apple's vice president of corporate law Gene Levoff, representing Delaware-based shell company Vineyard Capital Corporation, granted power of attorney to German law firm Hiking Kühn Lüer Wojtek to represent Vineyard Capital Corporation in all business related to the acquisition of SensoMotoric Instruments.

On June 16, SensoMotoric Instruments filed several documents with the German Company Register outlining new articles of incorporation. SensoMotoric's previous managing director Eberhard Schmidt was replaced by Dr. Ali Sahin, one of the German attorneys representing Vineyard Capital Corporation.

Vineyard Capital Corporation is listed as having acquired...

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Tim Cook Appears Onstage at Cisco Live to Debut New Enterp...

Apple CEO Tim Cook took the stage at Cisco Live in Las Vegas today, sitting down with Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins to discuss the ongoing partnership between the two companies that has leveraged Apple's expertise in devices and apps and Cisco's strength in networking and enterprise tools.

Wow! @tim_cook and @ChuckRobbins announcing our IOS security partnership at #CLUS!

— ☁ David Ulevitch ☁ (@davidu) June 26, 2017 During the session, Cook argued that business customers who use the integrated Apple-Cisco ecosystem should be granted a...

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Apple Working With Hertz on Autonomous Car Testing

Apple's effort to test autonomous vehicle technology in California involves a collaboration with Hertz, the second largest U.S. car rental company, reports Bloomberg.

The disclosure of the relationship between Apple and Hertz came in documents recently released by the California Department of Motor Vehicles. The documents note Apple is leasing its small fleet of Lexus RX450h SUVs for autonomous driving tests from Hertz's fleet management group.The iPhone maker is leasing Lexus RX450h sport-utility vehicles from Hertz’s Donlen fleet-management unit, according to documents released recently by the California Department of Motor Vehicles. When Apple received its license...

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Amazon Echo Show Reviews: Privacy Concerns, Sound Improvem...

Ahead of the launch of the Echo Show this Wednesday, June 28, Amazon has given review units to a few sites so that they can test out the new Echo and see how its 7-inch touch screen adds to the traditional Amazon Echo experience. Amazon revealed the $230 Echo Show earlier in May and bills it as having all of the features of the traditional Echo, with the addition of a display to enhance user interactivity.

According to The Verge, one of the best aspects of Echo Show is that, "you basically never need to tap the screen for anything, unless you really want to." Instead of adding an array of touchscreen-required actions that overcomplicate the interface, the company focused on adapting the abilities of the previous Echo...

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Apple Releases Revised Version of Second iOS 11 Developer...

Apple today seeded a revised version of the second iOS 11 beta to developers for testing. The new version has a build number of 15A304j, compared to 15A304i for the original second beta, which was released last Wednesday.

The software update appears to be available for select iPhone and iPad models. It's unclear what revisions have been made at this point.

Registered developers can download the iOS 11 beta from Apple's Developer Center, or over-the-air once the proper configuration profile has been installed. A public beta will be released later this month.

iOS 11 is Apple's biggest software release ever for the iPad, with a new Dock that introduces much improved multitasking, a Files app for better managing files, improved Apple Pencil support, a revamped App Switcher, and system-wide drag and drop.


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Foreign Silicon Valley Workers have nothing to Fear by the...

Today the Supreme Court agreed to let President Trump's immigration travel ban go into effect for some travelers, reversing the actions of lower federal courts that had put the controversial policy completely on hold.
Last week President Trump acknowledged that tech companies need assistance in getting the workers they need to fulfill positions and that he was working with congress ...

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Latest Apps to Showcase Apple's ARKit Include Simple...

iOS developers have already gotten their hands on ARKit, Apple's latest platform which enables developers to quickly and easily build augmented reality experiences into their apps. ARKit blog Made With ARKit has been sharing even more examples of the augmented reality apps that developers are toying around with, coming a few months ahead of when the first apps will launch to the public alongside iOS 11 this fall.

In two new videos shared on Twitter, developers have created useful measuring apps with ARKit, using the camera, processors, and motion sensors in an iPhone or iPad to calculate the size of various objects. In the first video, the app requires users to tap two locations and then shows the total distance between the spots as a floating number in the air.

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LG Innotek will Reportedly Mass Produce Flexible PCB'...

A new supply chain report today notes that LG Innotek is set to kick-start the mass production of flexible printed circuit boards for smartphones starting next year. This move to become a flexible PCB supplier for Apple's iPhone...

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Take a Look Back at a 2006 iPhone Patent & new Intervi...

As the anniversary iPhone is getting closer to launch, the mainstream media has begun to revisit the historic moment when the iPhone came to market and ignited a mobile revolution and eventually slayed the giants of the day who ruled the mobile industry: Nokia, Blackberry and Motorola. Without Steve Jobs to interview, the next best thing is to take a trip down memory lane with the original team members. In today's report we cover a new interview with some of the key leaders behind the iPhone team while taking a look back at a 2006 iPhone patent that gave the world a peek at what was about to change the world.

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Sunday June 25

Former Apple Executives Recall Designing Touchscreen Inter...

As we near the ten-year anniversary of the iPhone later this week, a few stories posted online have delved into the rich history of where the device started, how the original team came up with the idea for the touchscreen smartphone, and what it was like reviewing the device back in 2007.

In a new video shared by The Wall Street Journal today, three former Apple executives -- Scott Forstall, Tony Fadell and Greg Christie -- have taken a look back at the first days of designing the iPhone with Steve Jobs. Apple's former senior vice president of the iPod division, Tony Fadell, recounted a time when Jobs showed him the company's first demo for what would...

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Apple's CEO and other Silicon Valley Elites met with...

Today, twenty-one of Silcon Valley's top leaders met with India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi who is in the US today on the second leg of his three-nation tour. PM Modi will hold his first bilateral meeting with President Donald Trump at a working dinner at the White House on Monday. In our cover graphic, you're able to see India's PM Modi centered between Apple's CEO Tim Cook and Cisco's executive chairman John Chambers.

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The 'Five Eyes' Intelligence Network backed by t...

On June 19, Patently Apple posted a report titled "The EU Rolls the Dice and Sides with No Decryption, No Reverse Engineering of Communications." Now the U.S. along with the top Commonwealth countries are set to push efforts that are contrary in nature to those proposed by the EU. Today Australia said it will push for greater powers to tackle the use of encrypted messaging services used by terrorists ...

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Original iPhone's First Four Reviewers Reminisce Abou...

With the iPhone's tenth birthday coming up this week, CBS Sunday Morning aired a segment today taking a look back at the development and launch of the original iPhone.

The segment from David Pogue includes a roundtable session with Pogue, Walt Mossberg, Steven Levy, and Ed Baig, the four journalists who received review units of the iPhone in 2007 just prior to its launch."After three days," said Mossberg, "I was ready to throw this thing out of the window for trying to type on glass."

"It's ten years later," said Levy, "and half the emails I get still have a little message underneath saying, 'Typed on phone, forgive typos'!"Pogue also sits down for a brief interview with Bas Ording, one of the key Apple engineers behind the first iPhone.Part of what made the iPhone a hit was that objects in that touchscreen world have their own physics. You can thank Bas Ording for some of it, like how lists have...

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Apple Wins 11 Design Patents in China for iMessage and App...

On Friday Apple was granted eleven design patents by the Hong Kong Patent and Trademark Office covering iOS user interfaces for iMessage and Apple Watch. Many of the Apple Watch interfaces relate to fitness, such the 'Activity Sharing' UI and Activity Rings representing move/exercise/stand.

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Chinese Police Arrest 15 Apple Contractor Employees for Po...

On June 8, Patently Apple posted a report titled "A Rogue Group of Chinese Apple Employees Arrested for Selling Apple Customer's Personal Data." Those arrested for suspicion of stealing have now been arrested for stealing over $7 million selling Apple customer data

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Saturday June 24

Apple Files for 'Beddit' and 'WaveBurner...

On May 09 Patently Apple posted a report titled "Apple Acquires Beddit, Developer behind a Sleep Tracking App." Apple has now filed for a trademark covering this product name starting in Hong Kong. Apple has filed their application under five international classes covering such things as electronic sensors that measure and track general well-being, sleep patterns, sleep quality, respiration sounds, respiration movements, heart rate, limb movements and more. It's also covered as a medical device and for medical research as well as for beds, linens, bedroom furniture and more.

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New Apple Park Drone Video Shows Off Steve Jobs Theater as...

Drone videographer Duncan Sinfield has posted a new video on his YouTube channel today, giving viewers a fresh look at Apple Park as a small number of employees begin settling into the campus and more buildings take shape. It's been nearly two years since Sinfield originally started providing monthly drone footage for what was previously referred to as "Apple Campus 2."

Now, Sinfield's late June 2017 update provides a glimpse into Apple's ongoing construction progress at Apple Park, including a noticeable progression in the number of trees and other pieces of greenery within the "spaceship" building's circular courtyard. Early on in the video, viewers can also catch a shot of the main atrium of Apple Park, with its floor-to-ceiling glass doors that originally began to take shape in...

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Apple Files for ARKit Logo Trademark in the U.S. and China...

This week Apple filed for their new 'AR' logo trademark in the U.S. and Hong Kong. The new AR logo is associated with Apple's developer ARKit that supports a new framework that allows developers to easily create unparalleled augmented reality experiences for iPhone and iPad. Apple legal covers the new logo under international class 09 which covers augmented reality smartglasses, 3D spectacles and headsets supporting access to the net and telephony with the latter supported by a 2016 patent filing.

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Apple Updates Apple Logo Trademark to Cover Tourism, Tours...

Every time that Apple wants to expand upon their current products or services they're legally bound to update their trademarks to represent said changes. The international class that they file it under is where the public gets to see what is possibly coming to market that requires a legal update. The updates cover all things related to tourism and electricity distribution. Whether the extensive coverage for tourism is relating to Siri or a new project is unknown at this time.

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Friday June 23

Ireland Looks to indemnify itself against any Losses Stemm...

In late January Patently Apple posted a report titled "The EU Commission is Patient, even though Apple's Deadline to pay the €13bn Owed has long come and gone." Today we're learning that Ireland is seeking ways to indemnify itself against any losses stemming from holding about 13 billion euros ($14.5 billion) of Apple Inc.’s back taxes...

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New iPhone 8 Glimpse Combines Leaked Parts to Show Off Wha...

Leaker Benjamin Geskin has posted a few new images and a video of what Apple's upcoming iPhone 8 might look like once it's in the hands of users later this year. Using a leaked dummy model, screen protector, and a printed picture of an iOS wallpaper, Geskin has put together the gist of what current rumors have suggested the iPhone 8 will look like once it's announced in the fall.

Geskin's images depict an iPhone 8 dummy model as we've seen previously, with a suggested 5.8-inch display area, minimal bezels, front-facing camera and sensor dip, but with an all-black frame instead of models that have previously depicted a rumored stainless steel frame. To give...

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Proposed Law Against Apple's 'Walled Garden...

Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera [Google Translate] published a headline today that translates to "the bill that could ban the iPhone in Italy."

The bill in question, Senate Act 2484, is aimed at ensuring Italians have open access to software, content, and services. The portion of the bill potentially relevant to Apple essentially says that users should have the right to download any software, whether proprietary or open source, on any platform.

An excerpt from...

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How Apple's iPhone Changed Business Forever

On Wednesday Patently Apple posted a report titled "Video: Scott Forstall talks about the iPhone's Origins as 'Project Purple' and more." We're likely to read many more stories about the anniversary of the original iPhone until the anniversary iPhone launches in September. Today a major publication wrote a report about how Apple's iPhone has changed business forever from music to maps.

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Supply Chain Evidence Mounts for Advanced 3D Sensing Abili...

Ahead of the iPhone 8's predicted September announcement date, supply chain reports over the past few days have indicated a ramp up of 3D sensing components that are predicted to be destined for augmented reality and biometric security applications in 2017's high-end iPhone 8. In a research note by BlueFin Research Partners, "winners" for iPhone 8 component production are said to include Finisar and Lumentum for 3D sensing modules and Broadcom for wireless charging components (via Barron's).

Reports began building last week when iPhone camera component supplier Largan Precision confirmed that it will ship lenses for 3D sensing modules in the second half of 2017, while refraining from directly mentioning Apple and iPhone 8. In a recent quarterly earnings report,...

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The Indian Government wants more Details behind Apple...

A new report published today states that the Indian government has sought investment and job creation details from iPhone maker Apple in order to facilitate setting up its proposed manufacturing facility in India.

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Some of Apple's new 'iPhone X' suppliers ha...

A new Barron's report looks at the findings of a boutique research firm who has been looking into new suppliers they believe will have their technology built into the forthcoming 'iPhone X', Apple's tenth-anniversary version of the iconic smartphone that Apple co-founder Steve Jobs introduced back in 2007. Two of the interesting new suppliers cover 3D sensing technology.

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Thursday June 22

iMac Pro May Feature Intel's Server-Grade 'Purle...

Apple earlier this month unveiled the iMac Pro, a workstation-class desktop computer with up to an 18-core Intel Xeon processor, top-of-the-line Radeon Pro Vega graphics, up to 4TB of SSD storage, and up to 128GB of ECC RAM.

Apple didn't specify exactly which processors will be included in the iMac Pro, but if the blog Pike's Universum is to be believed, it could be powered by Intel's next-generation server-grade Skylake-EX and Skylake-EP processors, which are based on a platform codenamed "Purley."

The blog, which appears to be sourcing its information from firmware files in the macOS High Sierra developer beta, said the iMac Pro will use Intel's new server-class...

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Upcoming Apple Store in Chicago Features MacBook Roof Desi...

Apple is building a new flagship retail location in Chicago, which features glass walls and a thin, carbon fiber roof. Photos of the store's roof were shared today by Chicago news site DNAinfo, and as it turns out, Apple has added a white Apple logo that wasn't in the original plans, making the top of the structure look a lot like an Apple notebook.

The roof is made from a material that resembles the silver aluminum of the MacBook and MacBook Pro, with rounded edges and the same rectangular shape. When complete, it will sit atop all-glass walls, making for a unique floating MacBook-style design that's not quite like any other Apple Store.

The new store, which is located near the historic Michigan Avenue Bridge alongside the Chicago River, has been designed by...

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Apple Seeds Fourth Beta of iOS 10.3.3 to Developers

Apple today seeded the fourth beta of an upcoming iOS 10.3.3 update to developers, a little over one week after seeding the third beta and more than a month after the release of iOS 10.3.2, a minor bug fix update.

Registered developers can download the fourth iOS 10.3.3 beta from the Apple Developer Center or over-the-air with the proper configuration profile installed.

No significant features or notable bug fixes were found in the first three betas, aside from new wallpapers for the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, suggesting iOS 10.3.3 is an update that's minor in scale and focuses on security updates and bug fixes.

iOS 10.3.3 is likely to be one of the last updates to iOS 10 as Apple starts shifting its full focus to iOS 11. The first beta of iOS 11 was released to developers on June 5 following...

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Apple's Indoor Maps for Airports and Shopping Malls i...

Apple has slowly begun enabling indoor maps for select airports and shopping malls, providing an early look at the new Apple Maps feature coming in iOS 11.

On devices running iOS 11 beta, indoor maps are available now in Apple Maps for Philadelphia International Airport and Mineta San Jose International Airport, and for shopping malls Westfield Valley Fair in San Jose, California and Westfield San Francisco Centre in San Francisco, California.

Indoor maps will provide detailed floor plans of major airports and shopping malls around the world, allowing iOS 11 users to plan ahead.

At airports, for example, Apple Maps users can tap "look inside" or simply zoom in to view terminals, boarding gates, security checkpoints, airline check-in desks, baggage claim carousels, information kiosks, restrooms, stores, restaurants, parking garages, and even escalators, elevators, and...

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India: Apple is digging in for their Next Mass Market War

Apple is broadening its attack on India, perhaps the iPhone's last great growth market. The company's first ever Indian-made iPhones began hitting shelves here this month with hopes that reduced prices will boost sales in the sprawling country where Apple has just 3% market share. The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple is considering flagship stores for New Delhi and other locations such as ....

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Foxconn's 'Flying Eagle' Project worth Bill...

Last week Patently Apple posted a report titled "Foxconn is closer to Announcing their new U.S. Plant Location and it just might be Wisconsin." Today we're learning that Foxconn's "Capital Intensive" investment will go far beyond a single display plant as we've been reporting on for months. The investment could means tens of thousands of jobs in the U.S.

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Apple Invents a 3D Depth Mapping Camera for Hand Gesturing...

Apple has been granted a number of patents regarding a 3D camera that could capture user gestures in relation to gaming over the years that were invented by their Israeli team. Today the US Patent & Trademark Office published a patent application from Apple that once again relates to a 3D camera system for 'interactive gaming' that was invented by one of their teams in California.

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Vivo Could Announce First Smartphone With Fingerprint Sens...

Chinese mobile maker Vivo could be set to beat both Apple and Samsung to the punch by announcing the first smartphone with a fingerprint sensor embedded in the screen, if an official company Mobile World Congress teaser is anything to go by.

Last week a video began making the rounds online that purported to show a Vivo smartphone being unlocked using a fingerprint sensor integrated into the display. Doubts were soon cast on the video's authenticity, however yesterday the company shared an official teaser image on Twitter appearing to hint at an imminent fingerprint sensor reveal at MWC2017 Shanghai, which starts on June 28.

We are thrilled to be launching a new solution in just a few days at Shanghai #MWC2017. Let's unlock the future...

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Apple Supplier Imagination Technologies Puts Itself up for...

On April 03 news surfaced that Apple was ending their contract with Imagination Technologies in 2018 which sent their shares plunging. Today the company makes it public that they're up for sale.

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Wednesday June 21

Apple Shares Two New Tutorials for Memories Feature in Pho...

Since May, Apple has been sharing a series of iPhone 7 photography tutorial videos both on a dedicated photography how-to website and its YouTube channel, and today, there are two new tutorial videos, this time featuring the Memories function in Photos.

The two new videos walk users through customizing Memories in the Photos app and then sharing Memories on social networks. Each video is 40 seconds in length and includes quick step-by-step visual instructions.

Apple first started highlighting the Memories feature in both a full-length iPhone 7 ad and its first Memories tutorial video, both of which were released yesterday.

Many of Apple's photography tutorials are simple and are aimed at users who are not familiar with the photo taking capabilities of their iPhones. Topics covered include how to shoot a close-up, how to...

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The Korean Press is Convinced that LG will Enter Apple...

Last week Patently Apple posted a report titled "LG's OLED Production is set to begin later this Month which is Likely to Open a Door for Apple's Future Business." It was reported yesterday by 'The Bell' in Korea that LG Display secured 2 more Canon Tokki OLED machines. LG Display recently purchased two additional units of Canon Tokki’s vacuum machine, a key equipment for the display maker to beef up OLED production for the iPhone.

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iOS 11 Beta 2 Changes: Control Center Tweaks, Experimental...

Apple this afternoon seeded the second beta of iOS 11 to developers, with the update coming as something of a surprise because betas normally come on Monday or Tuesday mornings.

iOS 11 beta 2 introduces a very long list of bug fixes to address issues that were discovered in the first beta of iOS 11, and registered developers should read over the extensive release notes to get an idea of what's been fixed.

The update also introduces many new bugs and highlights many known issues, such as an unexpected pop when restarting an iPhone 7/7 Plus or an SOS notification that goes out even when an alert is cancelled, so this is still not a stable beta and it should only be installed on secondary devices.

Along with fixing bugs and introducing new ones, there are some small feature tweaks and changes that are included in iOS 11, which we've outlined in the video below.


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Apple in Negotiations with the Music Labels & Commits...

It's being reported this afternoon that Apple is seeking to reduce record labels’ share of revenue from streaming, part of negotiations to revise the iPhone maker’s overall relationship with the music industry, according to people familiar with the matter. The labels are looking for Apple to promote streaming music in Japan and Germany.

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Virgin Mobile Prepares to Dump Android Phones and be an iP...

Virgin Mobile USA, a subsidiary of Sprint, has struck a deal with Apple as part of a broader revamp of its business that will see it ditch Android phones in the coming years and become what it claims is the first iPhone-only network.

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Apple Seeds Second Beta of macOS High Sierra to Developers

Apple today seeded the second beta of an upcoming macOS High Sierra update to developers for testing purposes, a little over two weeks after introducing the new software and releasing the first beta at its 2017 Worldwide Developers Conference.

The new beta can be downloaded from the Apple Developer Center, and once installed, subsequent betas will be available through the Software Update mechanism in the Mac App Store.

Subscribe to the MacRumors YouTube channel for more videos.

macOS High Sierra introduces new core storage, video, and graphics technology. The update supports the new Apple File System (APFS) and High Efficiency Video Codec (HEVC), plus it introduces an updated version of Metal with support for VR and external GPUs.

Photos is being updated with a new sidebar...

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Apple Seeds Second Beta of iOS 11 to Developers

Apple today seeded the second beta of iOS 11 to developers for testing purposes, a little over two weeks after releasing the first beta following the operating system's debut at the Worldwide Developers Conference.

Registered developers can download the iOS 11 beta from Apple's Developer Center, or over-the-air once the proper configuration profile has been installed.

According to Apple's release notes, iOS 11 beta 2 includes a long list of bug fixes for both first and third-party apps. The Bluetooth button in Control Center, now works, for example, and there are new options for Do Not Disturb While Driving. 3D Touch with data detectors (phone numbers, addresses, and so on) is now working properly, Phone will no longer crash when deleting a voicemail, and apps over 100MB will no longer download over a cellular connection.

The release notes also outline several new known...

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PSA: AppleCare+ for Mac and iPhone Must Be Bought Within 6...

All of Apple's AppleCare+ plans for Macs, iPads, and iPhones, must be bought alongside a new device or within 60 days of purchase, according to AppleCare+ support staff that MacRumors spoke to this morning.

Following its Worldwide Developers Conference in June that saw the debut of new iMacs, MacBooks, and MacBook Pro models, Apple introduced an updated AppleCare+ for Mac warranty plan that provides standard AppleCare coverage along with accidental damage coverage.

Apple's AppleCare+ for Mac plan was introduced on June 5

The original AppleCare plans for the Mac could be purchased while the Mac was still under its standard warranty, so customers had a year to buy it, but with the new AppleCare+ plan for Mac, a purchase must be made within 60 days.

Apple in March changed its AppleCare+ policy for the iPhone and iPad and temporarily allowed...

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Baffling: Apple's CEO Tanks on Top CEO's list fo...

Glassdoor is a website where employees and former employees anonymously review companies and their management. The company published it's 2017 'Highest Rated CEO' list where Apple's CEO took quite the beating.

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New 27-Inch iMac Has Up to 80% Faster Graphics at Compute...

Earlier this month, Apple launched new iMac models with Intel's seventh-generation Kaby Lake processors and improved AMD Radeon Pro discrete graphics options at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference.

Early benchmark results for the new 27-inch iMac have already surfaced on Geekbench that suggest the 2017 models are up to 15% faster in multi-core CPU performance compared to last-generation models.

Apple's new high-end 27-inch iMac stock configuration with a 3.8GHz quad-core Core i5 processor has an average multi-core score of 14,886, for example, compared to 12,953 for the equivalent 2015 model.

John Poole of Primate Labs, the creators of Geekbench, said the new 27-inch iMac also has up to 80% improved graphics performance...

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Apple Files for 'MusicKit' and 'HomePod...

On June 15 Patently Apple posted trademark reports covering 'HomePod' filed in Canada and 'iMac Pro' filed in Europe. Today Patently Apple has discovered U.S. trademark filings for HomePod and MusicKit. MusicKit was introduced at Apple's WWDC 2017 in session 502 not made public during the keynote.

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Qualcomm Says Its Innovations Are At the Heart of Every iP...

Apple this week expanded its lawsuit against Qualcomm, accusing the wireless chipmaker of "double-dipping" by allegedly refusing to sell chips to manufacturers unless they also pay separate royalties and enter licensing agreements at unreasonable rates, according to court documents filed electronically.

Qualcomm has since responded to the amended complaint, claiming that Apple is "trying to distract" from the fact that it has made alleged "misleading statements" about the comparative performance of its Snapdragon X12 modem, used in select iPhone 7 models to enable Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity.

Apple dual sources wireless chips from Qualcomm and Intel for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Qualcomm's Snapdragon X12 modem is used in CDMA models, such as those sold by Verizon and Sprint, while Intel's...

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The 2017 Smartphone Wars between Apple and Samsung begins...

While a number of reports have surfaced stating that Samsung will unveil their Galaxy 8 smartphone in August, one particular South Korean tech site is reporting that the event will take place on August 26 in New York. While Samsung was the first to deliver a full screen smartphone eliminating the home button, Apple will be introducing Augmented Reality and much more. The 2017 smartphone war between Samsung and Apple begins on August 29

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Former iOS Chief Scott Forstall Discusses Creating the Fir...

Former iOS chief Scott Forstall gave a rare interview last night at an event at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California, where he discussed the birth of the iPhone and his relationship with Steve Jobs.

Speaking to journalist John Markoff after an opening hour with original iPhone engineers Nitin Ganatra, Hugo Fiennes, and Scott Herz, Forstall's appearance was the first time he had spoken publicly since he was ousted from Apple in October 2012, following the botched launch of Apple Maps.

Scott Forstall (right) speaking to John Markoff

Forstall proved a charismatic storyteller on the night as he discussed his school education and his early career at Steve Jobs' NeXT, before moving on to his work on the first iPhone at Apple. The former iOS chief spoke with genuine warmth about his time with the company, but stopped short of offering any huge...

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Video: Scott Forstall talks about the iPhone's Origin...

Museum Historian John Markoff moderates a discussion with former iPhone team members Hugo Fiennes, Nitin Ganatra and Scott Herz, followed by a conversation with Scott Forstall. The video in our report is broken down into two parts, with Forstall's half beginning at around the 1:06:00 mark. It's a great interview that Apple fans shouldn't miss

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Tuesday June 20

Hands-On With Apple's 'ARKit' Augmented Rea...

With iOS 11, Apple is delving into augmented reality in a big way, introducing an ARKit development platform that will allow developers to quickly and easily build augmented reality experiences into their apps and games.

ARKit is positioned to be the largest AR platform in the world when it launches this fall, using the camera, processors, and motion sensors in the iPhone and iPad to create some incredibly impressive augmented reality interactions.

While we won't see the first augmented reality apps and games built on ARKit for a couple of months, Apple has an ARKit demo app to show off what ARKit can do. We went hands-on with the demo to give MacRumors readers just a small taste of what to expect.

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ARKit uses technology called Visual Inertial Odometry to track the world around an iPad or iPhone,...

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T-Rex, Vampire, Crazy Face, Zombie, Giraffe, and Pie Among...

The Unicode Consortium today released version 10.0.0 of the Unicode Standard, introducing 56 new emoji characters ranging from crazy face and face with monocle to t-rex, pie, and pretzel.

Emoji site Emojipedia has details on all of the new emoji that are included in the update, and has shared a sample image featuring visual representations of the new additions.

Some of the new emoji include star-struck, face with raised eyebrow (which Emojipedia says is also known as the "Colbert" face), exploding head, face vomiting, shushing face, face with hand over mouth, love you gesture, palms up together, brain, orange heart, scarf, gloves, coat, socks, zebra, giraffe, hedgehog, sauropod, cricket, coconut, broccoli, dumpling, fortune cookie, pie, cup with straw, and chopsticks....

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Apple Adds Phobio as New Mac Trade-In Partner

Apple today updated its Mac recycling program to partner with a new company, replacing longtime partner PowerOn with Phobio, a company that promises a seamless device buyback program. Apple's recycling program is designed to offer Apple users cash for their old devices by providing simple trade-in options.

Starting today, when you use Apple's Renew and Recycling program to recycle a Mac desktop or notebook, Apple will now direct you to Phobio's site where you can find your Mac by entering a serial number. After answering a couple of questions about condition, Phobio offers up a price estimate and lets users choose an Apple Store Gift Card, Paypal, or Virtual Visa Reward as a payment option.

According to a source that spoke to MacRumors about the partnership change, Apple opted to go with Phobio...

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Apple Shares New 'The Archives' iPhone Ad Focusi...

Apple today continued on with its line of iPhone 7 advertisements, introducing a new spot called "The Archives," which focuses on the Memories feature that's available in the Photos app.

In the video, available on YouTube, an archivist is shown working in a vast photo archive, carefully selecting and then pasting together physical versions of Live Photos and videos into a montage that's first shown on a projector and then transferred to the iPhone 7.

"Her Dreams" by Luca D'Alberto and "Unchained Melody" by Lykke Li accompany the video, as does the tagline that Apple's been using for all of its recent ads, "practically magic."

Apple has done several ads in this series that focus on the photographic capabilities of the iPhone 7, including "The City" and "Take Mine," but this is...

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Apple has begun a new War on Leakers telling Staff that Wh...

The very fans who love Apple are the ones hurting Apple in a major way by supporting the 'Leaker' players from overseas and from within Apple. Leaking information for profit, for fame and to influence today's untrustworthy mainstream media is out of control. For Apple, leakers are despised no matter if they're from overseas or internally at Apple.. That of course has to extend to those who publish photos of leaked parts of coming Apple products. A new report published today covers an alleged meeting that took place between Apple executives and some of their top managers about their renewed war on leakers.

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OnePlus Mocks Removal of Headphone Jack in iPhone 7 While...

OnePlus today introduced its new flagship device, the OnePlus 5. During the event where the new phone was announced, OnePlus threw some shade at Apple, mocking the removal of the headphone jack in the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus.

"On the bottom, you'll notice that we ditched the 3.5mm headphone jack. The elegance of the overall design is instantly heightened. And who needs a headphone jack anyway? That's why Bluetooth exists, right?" deadpanned Diego Heinz, a designer at OnePlus. "Just kidding. Of course the OnePlus 5 has a headphone jack."

Clip courtesy of iPhone Addict

Heinz goes on to pull up a tweet on the subject of headphone jacks, displaying a poll where 88 percent of 8,000 responders said they "like headphone jacks."

Ahead of the launch of the OnePlus 5...

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Apple has asked the Court to Stop Qualcomm's Double D...

As noted by our Apple-Qualcomm battle history outlined below you can see that this legal battle is going to be tough and nasty and by the looks of it today, Apple is digging in their heels to end Qualcomm's 'No License, No Chips' market tactic that affects not only Apple, but Samsung and others as well. Apple went before the court today ...

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Apple Says Qualcomm Has Overcharged Billions of Dollars By...

Apple has expanded its lawsuit against Qualcomm, accusing the wireless chipmaker of "double-dipping" by way of unfair patent licensing agreements, according to an amended complaint filed with a United States federal court in San Diego today.

The complaint broadens the claims Apple made in its original lawsuit against Qualcomm in January, when it sued the chipmaker for $1 billion in alleged unpaid royalty rebates. Apple also accused its longtime supplier of the iPhone's wireless chip of engaging in anticompetitive licensing practices.

Since the original iPhone, Qualcomm has supplied Apple with modems that enable the smartphone to, for example, connect to a Wi-Fi or LTE network. But as the iPhone has gained more features, Apple argues that Qualcomm has been unfairly "levying its own tax" on those...

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Apple's 2017 Summer Camps to Help Kids Learn to Code,...

Following the worldwide debut of "Today at Apple," Apple in July will launch this year's summer camps for kids at its retail stores, aimed at those between ages 8 and 12. The free "Apple Camp" will educate kids on how to create characters, make movies, design storybooks, code robots, and more while using Apple products (via Macworld).

Apple Camp's workshops this year include Coding Games and Programming Robots, Creating Characters and Composing Music, and Stories in Motion with iMovie. Each workshop is designed as a series of three 90-minute classes that kids visit on three separate days.

For the first two days kids will work on projects specific to the session they choose, while the final day will be a show and...

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Apple Wins 54 Patents Today covering the iPad Pro Design,...

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office officially published a series of 54 newly granted patents for Apple Inc. today. In this particular report we cover a possible future digital magazine device, Apple's insanely sophisticated Apple Watch table and the original iPad Pro design patent. We wrap up this week's granted patent report with our traditional listing of the remaining granted patents that were issued to Apple today.

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Apple's 'Stopping Leakers - Keeping Confidential...

New information about the lengths that Apple will go to in order to prevent and track down leaks has been shared online today by The Outline, which obtained a leaked recording of an internal briefing used by Apple to educate employees on the culture of leaks. Called "Stopping Leakers - Keeping Confidential at Apple," the presentation is said to last one hour and be led by a team of Apple's best security and communications experts including David Rice, Lee Freedman, and Jenny Hubbert.

The briefing was held for around 100 employees earlier this month and is believed to be the first of many such secretive events planned by the Cupertino company. The presentation included information on Apple's Global Security team, which employs an undisclosed number of investigators worldwide "to prevent information from reaching competitors, counterfeiters, and the press." The team is...

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Apple wins yet another Wireless Charging Patent Covering C...

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office officially published a series of 54 newly granted patents for Apple Inc. today. In this particular report we cover their invention relating to another inductive charging system, and more particular to detecting coil coupling in an inductive charging system.

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Apple Wins an AR Patent that made their WWDC 2017 Demo of...

Patently Apple posted a granted patent report back in April covering an Augmented Reality invention that they inherited when acquiring Germany's Metaio. The theme of the invention related to moving virtual furniture in the home or office before committing to its placement in real life. Today Apple was granted a second related patent from Metaio relating to two Augmented Reality applications. The first is for an "Interior Design Application" while the second is for a new "Movie Poster Application." Some of this invention may have ended up in Apple's new ARKit as the patent notes that it provides "tools for authoring."

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AR/VR Headset Shipments Forecast to Hit 100 Million Units...

Earlier this month at the Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple revealed its first big push into the augmented reality and virtual reality spaces, with a new ARKit developer framework and high-performance iMacs with native support for VR content creation.

On Monday, research firm IDC published new data forecasting significant growth in both markets, with dedicated AR and VR headset adoption expected to increase from just under 10 million units last year to 100 million units in 2021.

VR headsets account for much of the device volume so far, with VR headsets powered by a smartphone proving the most popular, according to IDC. The second half of 2016 also saw an increase in volume of Sony PlayStation VR, HTC Vive, and Facebook's Oculus Rift.


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'The One Device' Explores the Creation of the iP...

As we noted last week, today marks the release of The One Device: The Secret History of the iPhone, a new book from Motherboard editor Brian Merchant chronicling the development of the original iPhone. I've had a chance to read through the book before its launch, and overall it's an entertaining read, although it comes up a bit short in its promise to unveil the secret history of the landmark device.

The One Device is really a book in two parts, and the part directly covering the development of the original iPhone is actually only about 30 percent of the book, broken up into four chapters interspersed throughout. The remainder of the book covers topics that are related to the iPhone, but which are in most cases separate from the direct early iPhone history.

In the four chapters that cover the development of the iPhone, Merchant weaves together his own...

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Monday June 19

Apple is Reportedly Working with Health Gorilla on their S...

Last week Patently Apple posted a report titled "Apple is working on a new Major Endeavor Related to Creating a Centralized Health Management System." The report noted that a secretive team within Apple's growing healthcare unit had been in talks with developers, hospitals and other industry groups about bringing clinical data, such as detailed lab results and allergy lists, to the iPhone. Today another aspect of the project has come to light.

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iOS 11 Makes Setting Up New Devices Super Easy

In iOS 11, Apple is implementing a new "Automatic Setup" feature, which is designed to make it much quicker to get a new device ready to go right out of the box.

As seen in the video below, Automatic Setup transfers over your preferences, Apple ID and Wi-Fi info, preferred settings, and iCloud Keychain passwords, streamlining the setup process for new iPads and iPhones.

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With iOS 11 installed, during the setup process, there's a new option to transfer settings from an existing device (which also needs to be running iOS 11). The two devices need to be held close to one another, and when nearby, you'll get instructions to pair them.

Pairing involves using the camera of the old device to scan an Apple Watch-style pairing image on the new device. After that, you'll be prompted to enter the passcode of the old...

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Apple Working With Health Gorilla to Offer Comprehensive M...

In its quest to turn the iPhone into a comprehensive health repository for every iPhone user, Apple has teamed up with Health Gorilla, a company specializing in aggregating diagnostic information, reports CNBC.

Citing two sources familiar with Apple's plans, CNBC says Apple is working with Health Gorilla to add diagnostic data to the iPhone by cooperating with hospitals, imaging centers, and lab-testing companies. According to Health Gorilla's website, the startup offers a secure clinical network that aggregates health data from a range of providers, offering doctors and hospitals access to a comprehensive overview of a patient's health.

While the service is aimed...

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The White House Looks to Silicon Valley to Rapidly Reinven...

Today presidential advisor Jared Kushner said that with the government still using floppy disks and checking for Y2K compliance, the private sector's creativity will help move the Trump administration past the turn of the century.

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Apple Music adds a $99 annual subscription Plan

If you happen to be an Apple Music subscriber, then chances are that you’re paying $9.99 every month, $14.99 for a family plan, or $4.99 per month if you’re a student. But Apple has now quietly added another option today.

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IKEA is excited about their new Augmented Reality App comi...

Last Thursday Apple's CEO Tim Cook said in an interview with Businessweek that he's so excited about AR that he could scream. He thinks AR will be profound. The very first Augmented Reality demo at this year's WWDC event from Senior VP of Software Craig Federighi involved placing virtual IKEA furniture on a dispay table and moving it around while the shadows changed in realtime according to the light shinning on the table. It was an amazing simple demo, not a make believe video. Now a new report from Sweden tells us that IKEA is excited to see their new AR App unfold this fall. They love what Apple has done for AR, especially its accuracy in placing furniture in a home using iOS 11.

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Apple Seeds Fourth Beta of macOS Sierra 10.12.6 to Develop...

Apple today seeded the fourth beta of an upcoming macOS Sierra 10.12.6 update to developers, a little less than week after seeding the third beta and more than a month after releasing macOS Sierra 10.12.5, a minor bug fix update.

The fourth beta of macOS Sierra 10.12.6 can be downloaded through the Apple Developer Center or through the Software Update mechanism in the Mac App Store.

We didn't find any significant features or notable bug fixes in the first three macOS Sierra betas, and because Apple does not provide beta release notes, it's likely we won't know what's included in the update until it sees a public release.

macOS Sierra 10.12.6 is likely to be one of the final updates to the Sierra operating system as Apple transitions to...

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IKEA Details Plans for Furniture Placement App Powered by...

At WWDC this year, Apple senior vice president of software engineering Craig Federighi performed a demo of the company's new augmented reality platform, ARKit, while mentioning popular furniture company IKEA as an upcoming partner in the technology. Similarly, Apple CEO Tim Cook referenced an IKEA AR partnership in a recent interview with Bloomberg Businessweek.

Now, Ikea executive Michael Valdsgaard has spoken about the company's partnership with Apple and ARKit, describing an all-new augmented reality app that will help customers make "reliable buying decisions" for IKEA's big ticket items (via Digital.di) [...

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Leaked iPhone 8 Screen Protector Includes Reduced Bezels a...

New images and a video of a screen protector for the upcoming "iPhone 8" have been posted to the Chinese social network site Weibo and shared recently by leaker Benjamin Geskin and leak aggregation site SlashLeaks. The tempered glass screen protector is said to be made for Apple's upcoming iPhone 8 with a 5.8-inch display, and represents a design that falls in line with current rumors for the unreleased iPhone.

The screen protector's bezels are noticeably thin and are the same thickness all the way around, with the exception of the front-facing cutout for the device's camera and various sensors. Although reports have failed to largely agree upon how Apple will incorporate the iPhone 8's front camera into a device with dramatically thinner bezels,...

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Silicon Valley CEO's are set to meet with President T...

Last week Apple's CEO Tim Cook was interviewed by Businessweek about Augmented reality, Apple tapping into the Enterprise market and bringing new jobs to America. He also touched on politics and made it clear he differs with President Trump on many key issues. Yet Cook is a realist and likewise emphasized that "America’s more important than bloody politics from my point of view." In one example, Cook thinks that Apple could help with the problems that the Vetrans Affairs are having. Today Cook will be meeting with President Donald Trump along with others ...

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The EU Rolls the Dice and Sides with No Decryption, No Rev...

The European Parliament's Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice, and Home Affairs released a draft proposal for a new Regulation on Privacy and Electronic Communications. The draft recommends a regulation that will enforce end-to-end encryption on all communications to protect European Union citizens’ fundamental privacy rights. The committee also noted that decryption shall be prohibited. This is contrary to what the UK is considering to enforce.

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Apple Targets Canadian 'Sport Chek' Retailer to...

Canada's largest sport retailer known as 'Sport Chek' is now selling Apple Watch / Nike + along with Apple Watch series 1 and 2 aimed at fitness fans in general and now swimmers specifically ...

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EU Proposes Enforcing Data Encryption and Banning Backdoor...

The European Parliament's Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice, and Home Affairs has published draft proposals that would enforce end-to-end encryption on all digital communications and forbid backdoors that enable law enforcement to access private message data.

The proposed amendment relates to Article 7 of the EU's Charter of Fundamental Rights, which says that EU citizens have a right to personal privacy, as well as privacy in their family life and at home. By extension, the "confidentiality and safety" of EU citizens' electronic communications needs to be "guaranteed" in the same manner.

Confidentiality of electronic communications ensures that information exchanged between parties and the external elements of such communication, including when the information has been sent, from where, to whom, is not to be revealed to anyone other than to the...

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Sunday June 18

PayPal's CEO Dismisses any Threat from the Upcoming A...

Paypal’s chief executive has openly dismissed Apple’s assault on person-to-person payment apps, suggesting the iPhone giant’s forthcoming money transfer service will struggle to compete against his company’s rival apps.

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The Apple Store in Valencia Town Center was Robbed Yesterd...

Four people wearing hoodies allegedly committed a commercial burglary at the Apple Store on Valencia Boulevard on Saturday.

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Saturday June 17

CNBC: The new iPad Pro Tablet from Apple is Simply the Bes...

CNBC's technology product editor is simply enamored with Apple's newest iPad, the iPad Pro 10.5" model that debuted at Apple's WWDC event earlier this month. Todd Haselton said in his review today that "After just a few days using a review unit provided by Apple, I'm already tempted to scrap my 9.7-inch iPad Pro—that I bought last year—and upgrade to this new model. It's that good.

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Apple's First Apple Pay 'Lose your Wallet'...

Apple is holding their first ever Apple Pay 'Lose your Wallet' event in San Francisco and specifically in the Marina District and Hayes Valley next weekend. This unique event could be duplicated in other cities in the future if the San Francisco event is a smash hit.

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Microsoft Advances Hover Touch ('3D Touch') Tech...

Earlier this month the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office published a patent application from Microsoft that revealed a new hover sensing system for mobile devices such a Surface tablet, future smartphone and HoloLens. Apple was also granted a patent for this type of technology back in April 2016. Interestingly Microsoft's vision for this technology extends to Augmented Reality. Whether Apple is considering it for this application is unknown at this time.

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Friday June 16

What's New in macOS High Sierra: APFS, Metal 2, Photo...

Apple named its next-generation version of the Mac operating system High Sierra because it's designed to improve macOS Sierra through several major under-the-hood updates. While most of what's in High Sierra isn't outwardly visible, there are some refinements to existing features and apps like Safari, Photos, Siri, FaceTime, and more.

We went hands-on with the High Sierra beta to give MacRumors readers a quick idea of what changes and improvements to expect when the software comes out this fall. Check out the video below to see what's new.

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Some of the biggest app changes are in Photos, which has a persistent side bar, editing tools for Curves and Selective Color, new filters, options for editing Live Photos, new Memories categories, improved third-party app integration, and improvements to facial recognition...

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Microsoft's Surface GM Creates a Fake News Narrative...

Microsoft is at it again. They're reinventing history to support their marketing fantasies and bravado to make themselves sound like they're now getting the leap on Apple's one-time magic. Microsoft general manager for Surface Ryan Gavin told Business Insider that the iPad Pro is a "clear example" of Apple following Microsoft rather than the other way around. Say what?

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Charitybuzz Auctions Lunch With Eddy Cue at Apple's N...

Charitybuzz today launched an auction in which the winning bidder will have lunch with Apple's services chief Eddy Cue at the company's newly constructed Apple Park headquarters in Cupertino, California.

AP Photo/Marcio Jose SanchezHere's your chance to have lunch with Eddy Cue at the stunning new 175-acre Apple Headquarters in Cupertino, CA, where you will learn more about Apple's industry-leading content stores and online services. This is a rare opportunity to see “Apple Park” and engage in a one-on-one, in-depth conversation with one of the most innovative business minds of our generation.The auction has an estimated value of $50,000. Bids can be placed between now and June 28 at 12:00 p.m. Pacific Time, in support of the National Association of Basketball Coaches Foundation in Kansas...

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Hints of iPhone 8 Showing Up in Web Analytics

Back in February, noted analyst Ming-Chi Kuo laid out his expectations for the display resolution on the so-called "iPhone 8," a brand-new iPhone scheduled for release later this year that forgoes the traditional Home button and LCD screen in favor of an OLED display that fills essentially the entire front of the device.

Working from his expectations, we believe we are seeing increasing evidence of iPhone 8 devices visiting MacRumors. The numbers are unsurprisingly extremely low, but what we're seeing matches what we'd expect from Kuo's resolution claims. It has also become consistent enough that it's increasingly unlikely these data points are fakes or one-off blips in our analytics.

According to Kuo, the iPhone 8 will feature a 5.8-inch display, but with a strip along the bottom of the display reserved for a "function area." Details on exactly what the function area...

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Microsoft Executive Says iPad Pro Was Apple's Respons...

Microsoft executive Ryan Gavin this week suggested Apple released the iPad Pro in response to its Surface devices, per Business Insider.

"When Surface initially launched, everyone was skeptical, including them," said Gavin, general manager of Surface commercial devices at Microsoft. "And then they followed, and the iPad Pro is a clear example of that."

Microsoft positions the latest Surface Pro, released on Thursday, as a "best-in-class laptop" with the "versatility of a studio and tablet."

The new Surface Pro features Intel's latest Kaby Lake processors and up to 13.5 hours of battery life on a single charge. The tablet-notebook hybrid can be configured with up to a...

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CNN Interviews Phil Schiller about sparking more App Innov...

Apple announced an overhaul of the App Store during their WWDC developer conference last Monday that is coming to iOS 11 later this year. In a newly published CNN interview, Apple's SVP Phil Schiller tells Laurie Segall why he's more excited than ever about the developer community.

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Apple Kicks it up a Notch for Apple TV by Hiring Top Execs...

It's being reported today that Apple has hired longtime Sony Pictures Television presidents Zack Van Amburg and Jamie Erlicht for newly created posts overseeing worldwide video-related programming and content. Eddy Cue, senior vice president of Internet software and services stated today that "Jamie and Zack are two of the most talented TV executives in the world and have been instrumental in making this the golden age of television. We have exciting plans in store for customers ...

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Samsung and Apple Patent Wireless Charging Smartphone Case...

Yesterday Patently Apple posted a report titled "Apple Invents Wireless Charging iPhone Case Accessory using Millimeter Wave Technology." Evidently this is going to be a trend as it was also revealed yesterday by the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office that Samsung likewise filed a patent revealing similar types of wireless charging smartphone cases. Samsung's patent mentions that their cases will abide by the Wireless Power Consortium standards. Both Apple and Samsung are members of this Consortium

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Google Chrome 59.0.3071.115 - Modern and...
Google Chrome is a Web browser by Google, created to be a modern platform for Web pages and applications. It utilizes very fast loading of Web pages and has a V8 engine, which is a custom built... Read more

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Amazon clearance 27″ 3.3GHz 5K iMacs (MK482LL/A) available for $1799.90 including free shipping. Their price is $500 off original MSRP, and it’s the lowest price available for this model from any... Read more
13-inch 1.8GHz/256GB MacBook Air on sale for...
B&H Photo has the updated 2017 13″ 1.8GHz/256GB MacBook Air (MQD42LL/A) in stock and on sale for $1129 including free shipping plus NY & NJ tax only. Their price is $70 off MSRP. Read more
27-inch 3.4GHz iMac on sale for $1699, save $...
B&H Photo has the new 2017 27″ 3.4GHz iMac (MNE92LL/A) in stock and on sale for $1699 including free shipping plus NY & NJ sales tax only. Their price is $100 off MSRP. Read more
21-inch 2.3GHz iMac on sale for $1049, save $...
B&H Photo has the new 2017 21″ 2.3GHz iMac (MMQA2LL/A) in stock and on sale for $1049 including free shipping plus NY & NJ tax only. Their price is $50 off MSRP. Read more
ABBYY TextGrabber 6 for iOS Implements Instan...
ABBYY has announced the release of TextGrabber 6.0.0, an important feature update to the company’s productivity app developed for iOS and Android devices. TextGrabber 6.0 now offers Real-Time... Read more
vPhone, First Smartphone That Can’t Be Lost,...
Austin, Texas based Hypori has introduced the vPhone, a virtual smartphone that affords every business user the benefits of separate work and personal phones, conveniently delivered on a single... Read more

Jobs Board

*Apple* News Product Marketing Mgr., Publish...
…organizational consensus on strategy and vision for publisher tools, authoring, and Apple News Format.Carries this strategy and vision across the organization to Read more
*Apple* Retail - Multiple Positions - Apple,...
Job Description: Sales Specialist - Retail Customer Service and Sales Transform Apple Store visitors into loyal Apple customers. When customers enter the store, Read more
Security Data Analyst - *Apple* Information...
…data sources need to be collected to allow Information Security to better protect Apple employees and customers from a wide range of threats.Act as the subject matter Read more
Lead *Apple* Solutions Consultant - Apple I...
…integrity, and trust.Success Metrics/Key Performance Indicators:Quantitative* Year over Year growth in Apple Product and Beyond the Box sales in the assigned Point of Read more
*Apple* Solutions Consultant till v%u00E5r...
…ethics, integrity, and trust.Success Metrics/Key Performance Indicators:QuantitativeYear over Year growth in Apple Product and Beyond the Box sales in the assigned Point Read more
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